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Online Courses Coming Soon!

Online is the next frontier in education, and Keith Stewart is taking the bull by the horns! 


The desire to create Cowboy Campus University came when Shelby & Keith put their heads together to discover how they could marry their passions to create something special and purposeful for their family!


Shelby brought her love for business, entrepreneurship, and marketing to the table. And Keith, of course, with his passion for ranching, horsemanship and teaching! Shelby suggested creating a course so that Keith could reach beyond Southern Alberta and share what he’s learnt through a lifetime of riding, with the world. 


With the help of the talented videographer, Devan Karl, the two created Course #1 - Introduction To Keith Stewart Horsemanship, and were overwhelmed by the support and excitement their community poured out!


In June of 2021, Shelby & Keith launched the Cowboy Campus Club membership. The membership is the place to get access to new content weekly from Keith! Every single week new videos are uploaded to the membership. Plus a masterclass, doing a deep dive into a skill or problem solving, every month! 


The club has perks! Members get first access to both rider and viewership slots in upcoming clinics both hosted by Keith and other incredible clinicians, including the Buck Brannaman clinic! 


Be sure to scroll down and sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when exciting new courses, and clinics become available!

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