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Upcoming Events

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We currently do not have any upcoming events at the ranch. Please stay tuned!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I stay overnight during the clinic?

Clinic participants are more than welcome to dry camp at The Key Ranch in their trailers, tents, or RV's. The barn and our Line Shack have bathrooms, and a shower so you will be comfortable during your overnight stay! Additionally, the ranch is 25 minutes to High River, and 20 to Longivew, where hotels are available! 

How do I sign up for a clinic?

You can sign up for a clinic by clicking the "Request More Information Or Reserve Your Spot" button above. If looking for more information, Keith will call you, if you're ready to reserve your limited spot, Shelby will email you payment instructions. 

How do I choose which clinic is best for me?

If you're unsure which clinic is best for you, follow the same method as requesting more information and Keith will call you to discuss which of his clinics is best suited for you and your goals!

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