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The Testimonial Library 

Here you can see what our community is saying about their experience riding with Keith,

taking Course #1 - Introduction To Keith Stewart Horsemanship & being a member of The Cowboy Campus Club!

Michelle B.

The Cowboy Campus Club is the best thing you can invest in!


Keith Stewart is the BEST!!


Sign up now and you will learn so much!

Jayd D. 

Getting myself and Mocha to this point in our training was my horse-highlight of the year!


Getting to take lessons with Keith of Cowboy Campus was the best experience and helped our training progress to a whole new level!

Markus E.

Hey Keith, just wanted to say great job on the Cowboy Campus!


Awesome videos with lots of good information! We've been doing lots of Glenn Stewart's methods and clinics and your stuff fits right in there! Love how you explain things and really good editing on the videos!


Can't wait to purchase more of your courses and hopefully come out this summer to do a clinic of yours!

Donna E.

Loved the free course! Keith started my horse and this was a lovely reminder.

Leah J.

I wanna be more like Keith Stewart when I grow up! LOL! So much respect and admiration for that man and his family

Rebecca M.

Really happy with the layout of the course, the accessibility and the clear concise lessons. 

I enjoyed being able to rewind and replay lessons to make sure I was fully understanding each aspect of the lesson.

I also appreciate, that I know if I have any questions, Cowboy Campus is more than willing to take the time to answer them. 

Thanks for everything.

Brad K.

With the end of Central Alberta Cutting Horse Club - CACHC for the year, we are happy to take home this cinch buckle.


Jester and I sadly missed the last few shows but still ended up as the Reserve champ in the 500. It was a great year, with so many great people. Jester rocked it!


Huge thanks to Keith Stewart for all the coaching, and help getting this far. Looking forward to next year!

Ted E.

A special Thank-you to Keith Stewart and his team for training and showing “Miss D”. 

I am excited to announce they won the Open Ranch cutting winter series at Silver Slate. 

Keith and his family have been in our lives for a couple years now. Keith is not only a champion in the arena but a true friend and gentlemen out of the arena as well. 

Thank you for being a great example to our youth and an inspiration to myself!

Congrats, my friend.

Greg M.

Keith keeps it simple!

Jen T.

Great videos! Enjoyed watching them and applying the components to my horsemanship!

I have taken personal lessons from Keith and have worked through the online courses. Changed my relationship with my horse and truthfully my life too.


Thank you Keith for all you’ve done for me!

Jeffrey S.

What an incredible weekend! Once again my horse made me incredibly grateful to be able to own him and continue showing.

First place both days at the Canadian Spectacular against some new tough horses with 74/73 runs.

Thank you, Keith, for the consistent guidance and encouragement to go out & push and believe in Fedx.

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