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Are you ready to communicate with your horse in a new and powerful way!?

Your introduction and roadmap into Collaborative Horsemanship!

A horse doesn’t operate off of language, they operate off feel. You need to get your horse feeling of you, not so much listening to you.


Not sure where to begin? That’s exactly why I created my Five Key Components to Transforming Your Horsemanship mini-course. Inside teach you my 5 keys to training a safe, responsive, gentle and willing horse who communicates with you through FEEL.


These principles have changed the way I work with horses and are the building blocks of my Collaborative Horsemanship system! Inside you’re going to learn how to train your horse accurately and position yourself as the herd leader of your herd of two! You’ll learn how to speak so your horse can “listen” and how to create “feel”. This course will help you to take your horse from dull, pushy, argumentative and unwilling to dependable, responsive and soft! And most importantly, a willing teammate. Those who are experiencing difficulties with their horses will find solutions in this course to resolve issues faster, easier and without getting into a fight. You’ll learn my groundwork, my mentality and my tools for training horses that I enjoy riding, every time! Additionally, J will show you how he creates lasting connection and partnership with his horses through positioning himself in the leadership role and being a dependable teammate! If you’re looking to put yourself in the driver’s seat and uplevel your horsemanship then this course is for you! And remember, how well you deliver the lesson is more important than the lesson itself.


Ready to learn and grow with your horse? The best part? This course is only $25 CAD ($19 USD)

"It covered everything in detail and explained it so well!"

"Hi Keith and Shelby, I LOVED Course #1! Watched the whole thing in a day! It covered everything in detail and explained so well! We are in AZ for the winter, my horse is boarded in WI, and it’s nice to get a refresher for spring and get back into it. I was a teacher for 36 years and think Keith is so great at explaining things!!!  I’m learning so much. Thank you! Cowboy Campus is excellent! I am tried and true, and I follow Buck, audit his clinics, and love the Pates. Keith is so sincere and teaches so well. I love what you are offering us. Thank you so much for helping us all in our horsemanship journey, it is excellent! Sincerely, Carol.” 

- Carol C

DSCF9019_trentschlamp (1).jpg

"Really happy with the lessons"

Really happy with the layout of the course, the accessibility and the clear concise lessons. 

I enjoyed being able to rewind and replay lessons to make sure I was fully understanding each aspect of the lesson.

I also appreciate, that I know if I have any questions, Cowboy Campus is more than willing to take the time to answer them. 

Thanks for everything.

-- Rebecca M


"Great videos"

Great videos! Enjoyed watching them and applying the components to my horsemanship!

I have taken personal lessons from Keith and have worked through the online courses. Changed my relationship with my horse and truthfully my life too.


Thank you Keith for all you’ve done for me!

-- Jen T


"Awesome information"

Hey Keith, just wanted to say great job on the Cowboy Campus!


Awesome videos with lots of good information! Love how you explain things and really good editing on the videos!


Can't wait to purchase more of your courses and hopefully come out this summer to do a clinic of yours!

-- Markus E

The Key Ranch College training program
A supportive community.
The Cowboy Campus Book Club is within the membership!
All-access pass to our content library
Interviews and content created with other clinicians and horsemen
New training kits dropped every month

A journey of personal development for you and your horse.

I'd like to invite you to join me on your journey of personal development for both you and your horse. In my 5 Key Components mini-course I'm going to provide you with a roadmap to collaborative horsemanship. Inside your going to get the tools to strengthen your relationship with your horse and become the leader of your herd of two. 

Enroll below for only $25 CAD ($19 USD)

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