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Do your items qualify for local pick-up?

Those in Southern Alberta are welcome to choose local pick-up as their shipping option, however, only some products qualify. If your product is made to order shipping is necessary for it to get sent from the design studio to your home! Because of this local pick-up is not an option. Please double-check that your items qualify for local PU. If your item does not qualify it will say so in the description box of the item.

Thank you for supporting our small business!

- The Cowboy Campus team

A note from Keith regarding payments on courses.

For your convenience, we offer multiple payment methods

Paypal - You can check out using PayPal even if you do NOT have a PayPal account.  We offer PayPal because it is the fastest, safest, and most trusted payment method available.

Just click "Checkout With PayPal" and then "Pay With a Credit or Visa Debit Card". 

Stripe - Pay through the trusted and safe provider, Stripe, with your credit or debit card.

In-person - Applies Only To Course #1 - Not The CCU Club Those who would like to pay with cash or a cheque to Keith directly may. You may pay Keith the cost of the course with tax ($208.95 CAD) in person. Please allow us one business day from the day of your payment to manually add your course to your account. You will still need to create a Cowboy Campus account. You can do that free here → 

By Paypal Money Transfer - Applies Only To Course #1 - Not The CCU Club You may pay quickly and securely through Paypal transfer by clicking the below link. Please send the cost of the course with tax ($208.95 CAD). Your course will be added to your account the same day. You will still need to create a Cowboy Campus account. You can do that free here →

Pay through this method here →

E-Transfer - The option for e-transfer will be available soon! 


If any of these above methods do not suit you, please reach out to us at so we can troubleshoot and find a payment method that fits your needs!


Thank you for your support!

- The Cowboy Campus team

A note from Cowboy Campus's Copywrite Lawyer

Please take a moment to review our Copywrite agreement.

A note from Cowboy Campus’s Copywrite lawyer. 

No portion of any of these modules may be shared, reproduced, filmed, saved, or in any other way distributed without consent in written form from Keith Stewart. 

Sharing these videos, or your password to another is against our purchase agreement and can, and will result in legal action being taken.


Please respect the intellectual property of Keith Stewart, The Key Ranch Cutting Horses, The Stewart family, and Cowboy Campus and do not reproduce, film, or share passwords with a second party. By purchasing a course you have agreed to read and following the above Copywrite agreement.


Thank you. 

- the Cowboy Campus team.


Music by Matt Robertson 

Filmed and created by Devan Karl videography

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