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The Members Help Desk

Think of this page as the Cowboy Campus student assistance office! Here you will find answers to the most often asked questions regarding the course, and your account! 

Please check this section for any questions you may have, as it's always quicker and easier to solve the issue with a simple click of your mouse. That being said, if any of these answers do not help you fully or you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to Keith and Shelby at

I don't have or remember my password

To retrieve your password please follow the below steps

  1. Go to

  2. Click "Log In" on the top right-hand corner of the screen

  3. Under login, you will see "Forgotten your password?"

  4. Click this link and please follow these steps to reclaim, and change your password.

How do I find my course or membership?

To access your course or membership please look under the CCU STUDENTS ZONE drop down bar on

To access your programs you must first be logged in. Please log in using the credentials you created when you initially purchased the course, or first created your account with us. 

I have questions regarding the content of my program. How do I ask Keith questions?

Keith is available to answer your questions regarding Course #1 in the Cowboy Campus Inner Circle Facebook group and the CCU Club in the Cowboy Campus Club Members Facebook Group.


 Please allow 48 hours for all questions to be answered. 

The link to join the associated group for your program was sent in your introduction email, as well as instructions on how to join.


Alternatively, you can join at one of the links below.


Course #1 Group -->

CCU Club group --> 

Once membership has been confirmed, you will be accepted into your Facebook group.

How do I find the online Cowboy Campus community?

One of the major perks of enrolling in a Cowboy Campus program is gaining access to the exclusive Facebook groups for members! All Cowboy Campus course members are invited and encouraged to join the Cowboy Campus Inner circle Facebook group or the Cowboy Campus Club members Facebook group.

The group is a valuable part of your Cowboy Campus education. In it, Keith shares additional wisdom, inspiration, and horse training techniques. He also is there to answer members' questions!

The link to join the group was sent in your introduction email, as well as instructions on how to join. If you missed joining please see the above question.

I'm not happy with Course #1. How can I get a refund?

We never want any of our Cowboy Campus customers to be displeased with our product. We understand that not every horse trainer is for every cowboy. If you'd like a refund please contact Keith at within 3 days of purchase.

Please note that it is our policy that after 4+ days from the date of purchase, we do not offer refunds. However, we still would like to help you make the most of your course. Even after the 3-day window is up, you are welcome to reach out to get assistance with making the most of your Cowboy Campus course!

Please note that refunding your course will cause you to lose access to the course, as well as all course materials and bonuses, such as the Cowboy Campus Inner Circle Facebook group.

Can I share this course with a friend?

We ask that in your support of a small business you please respect the delicate nature of an information-based product, and honor Keith Stewart's intellectual property, by not sharing your Cowboy Campus course.


A note from Cowboy Campus’s Copywrite lawyer. 

No portion of any of these modules may be shared, reproduced, filmed, saved, or in any other way distributed without consent in written form from Keith Stewart. 

Sharing these videos, or your password to another is against our purchase agreement and can result in legal action being taken. Please respect the intellectual property of Keith Stewart, The Key Ranch Cutting Horses, The Stewart family, and Cowboy Campus and do not reproduce, film, or share passwords with a second party.


Thank you. 

Cowboy Campus team.

We appreciate your desire to share your passion and love for our courses with friends, and encourage you to tell your friends about Cowboy Campus!

Who's music is playing at the beginning of the modules?

We were excited and honored to be able to use Matt Robertonson's music in our Cowboy Campus courses! Matt's music can be found on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and anywhere else where you listen to music! We encourage you to support Wyoming turned Albertan country music artist Matt Robertson by downloading his music, and following him on social media!

Visit Matts website here --> 

You can learn more about Matt here -->

Follow Matt on Instagram -->

Follow Matt on Facebook -->

Find Matt on YouTube -->

So I received a free trial, now what?

If you received a free trial, will have taken your payment info at the time of signing on. You will NOT be charged until your free trial is over and your next month of membership is being billed for. If you sign on for a free trial please be mindful of when your trial period expires. You can, of course, cancel your membership at any time during your free trial and not be charged. 

Do I need to use the Ask A Trainer feature to ask Keith a question if I'm already a member of the Cowboy Campus Club or a Course #1 Student?

No, if you are already a Cowboy Campus Club member or a student of Course #1 you can ask Keith a question, or request videos to be filmed for the club through the associated members-only Facebook groups. If you do not have FB but are a member of either program, you can use the chatbox on our website to reach out to Shelby & Keith. If you are not a member of either program the Ask A Trainer feature is a great way to receive guidance from Keith without having to be a member already.  

How do I cancel my Cowboy Campus Club membership?

We hate to see you go, but we have made cancelling simple and easy. Cowboy Campus is not one of those subscription services that make it difficult or confusing to cancel!


However, we always appreciate your feedback. Should you cancel your membership, we greatly appreciate when exiting members reach out and let us know why and how we can improve the program for current and future members.


If you cancel your membership to the CCU Club, you can always re-enroll at a later. But please note that you will have to wait until enrollment re-opens.

To cancel

  1. Log in to using your current credentials on a computer or laptop. After cancelling your program subscription, you will still have an account with Cowboy Campus. If you would like your entire account deleted, please reach out. 

  2. On the top right hand of the screen under Hello, YOURNAME click My Cowboy Campus Courses.

  3. Click the down bar on your CCU Club subscription

  4. Click Cancel Subscription 

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