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The Cowboy Campus Connection Letter Archive

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Here you will find the full archive of our Cowboy Campus Connection weekly letters.

The Cowboy Campus Connection is our letter delivered every Friday morning. Each week we share quotes, stories, a featured Cowboy Artisan, our music recommendation for the week, training videos and more. The highlight of the Cowboy Campus Connection, however, is Keith's handwritten letters. Each week Keith hand writes an article specially for the Cowboy Campus Connection community, which we then type and share with the readers.

We put our hearts into this letter, and it is our hope that you enjoy it as much as we enjoy creating it.

The first Cowboy Campus Connection letter, ever. This is where the letter first began! Emily McCartney is our featured Cowboy Artisan of the week & Keith shares how to get your avoidant horses good to catch.

In the second letter, Keith shares a trip to Marvel Lake, where he grew up in Banff, through an article and video vlog. As well as music and more.

In this issue, we share a quote from a Portuguese horse trainer, Keith shares his thoughts on horsemanship now versus back in the "good old days," and we feature his brother Mark as the Cowboy Artisan of the week.

In this issue, Keith chats about judging Heart Of The Horse the upcoming weekend, and we feature the talented Gena LaCoste, an Albertan oil & watercolour artist. As well as music, tack tips, and more!

The Ray Hunt issue. In this issue, we'll be celebrating the life and legacy of the talented horseman Ray Hunt. We share quotes, stories, and more. Keith shares how Ray Hunt has personally touched him and his experience of being a horseman.

In this issue, Keith reflects on the Heart Of The Horse competition, and we feature the talented Paul Van Ginkel, a local oil artist who painted Keith's oldest daughter Hailey. You'll find this painting inside this letter, as well as music, insight into the horse's brain, and more!

Keith shares his thoughts on winter approaching, Tyler Childers is still playing loud in the barn, and we feature our friend Shantal Smiths' beautiful mecates.

This issue includes Keith's interview with all-around horsewoman & horse trainer Jill Barron. Plus music from Matt Robertson & wise words from Ray Hunt.

In this letter, Keith shares a special send-off to one of his closest compadre's, Rey. We share a Jimmy Buffet tune and feature a local artist.

Keith chats about his recent trip to Montana, & shares the history of the iconic Wrangler brand jean. Sheryl Crow is playing on the radio, and you won't want to miss the acoustic video we found for you.

This is a special issue of the letter as we share some tips for keeping your horse well during the from Equine Vet Crystal Christman of Paradigm Equine.

Keith shares the lessons about relationships he learnt from both horses and humans, and we feature content from Holistic Horse Wellness Expert Julie Parsonage.

Keith shares his musing on bison, bronzes and bad weather. We honour the passing of the iconic country songster Don Edwards with an acoustic version of his popular song Coyotes.

Keith gives quick advice for making the transition from snaffle to shank. We share a throwback tune from the Longview local duo of Ian & Sylvia Tyson, and you'll learn why Keith does his spurs up on the inside.

In this letter, we observe Remembrance Day. Inside you'll find an article on regionally influenced bits, the origins of different bit styles and training systems.

Keith talks about how to introduce your horse to cattle for the first time and what he'd grab from the tack room if his barn were on fire. Ryan Bingham is playing in the barn.

Keith shares his "truck and trailer" game for building your horse's confidence on a cow. We share more holistic horse health tips from the incredible Equine Osteopath Julie Parsonage and a wonderful piece of poetry.

We're confident that you'll enjoy the Cowboy Campus Connection newsletters. You can sign up for them and receive all of our best content delivered weekly to your inbox! Sign up here.



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