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The CCU Club is Keith's guidance program, made accessible and affordable. The club is a large membership library of horsemanship, horse training, colt starting, groundwork (and much more) content. Plus, the members-only Facebook group where you can get help whenever needed! In the member's group, you can ask Keith your questions, and he’ll film you a video response which will then be uploaded into the video library. Need help finding a certain video or topic? Want to suggest content? Looking for recommendations or tips? Simply reach out inside the supportive member's group to hear back from Keith & our head of cowboy customer service - Shelby!

If you’re ready to reach your goals and see massive improvements in yourself and your horse, then enroll now while you can during our fall enrollment!


You can join the waitlist to the CCU Club belo!

There is a better way to experience your horse. ⁠

Consistently showing up for your horse is how you create a great relationship. We want to always approach our horses calm, cool, collected, and consistent.

In Course #1 - Introduction To Keith Stewart Horsemanship, we cover the basics of great horsemanship, in-depth, so you can create a rock-solid foundation with your horse! This solid foundation is the key that will make all things possible for you, and your horse!⁠

Keith is a multifaceted horse trainer and clinician from Longview Alberta. His wife Denice, and he operate The Key Ranch, where Keith gives cutting, horsemanship, roping, and riding lessons, trains cutting horses, and hosts clinics. Growing up in Banff National Park Alberta, & Riding Mountain National Park Manitoba, Keith has always loved and been around horses as a way of life. His mother rode dressage horses, and his dad, a Park Warden, both instilled in him a passion for horsemanship. In his youth, Keith rode broncs and competed in rodeos across Canada and the USA. Now, Keith is excited to take his enthusiasm for riding and training to the internet, with e-courses. Now you can learn from Keith and develop your skills anywhere in the world.

You can sign up for Course #1 here!



"Remember, if you play small, you stay small.

It's okay to want more, do more, and be more."

- Unknown

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