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Time Is Running Out To Become A Cowboy Campus Club Member!

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

The gates close on The Cowboy Campus Club this coming Wednesday, September 1st. 🚨

After the enrollment to the CCU Club closes, gates will not open back up until next season. 🐴

The CCU Club is like having Keith coach you from your phone or laptop! 📱 💻

The CCU Club membership site is our online learning platform for better horsemanship!

🐴 A large, always growing, video library of horsemanship, ranching, cutting, roping, colt starting, and more, not available anywhere else

🐴 New videos uploaded 4X month

🐴 Mini-Courses & challenges available to CCU Club members only

🐴 A monthly master-class with topics chosen by club members

🐴 Draws and giveaways for members

🐴 Vote on which videos you want to see filmed next

🐴 Facebook Live’s within the members-only Facebook group where Keith answers your questions live

🐴 First access to clinic participant and viewership slots

🐴 Discounts on merch

🐴 Plus much, much more!

All for half the cost of a lesson! You can sign up at the link below! 🤠

But hurry! You will not be able to join the CCU Club after enrollment closes on September 1st! 🚨



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