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The Best In The West

This week's newsletter will be short and sweet, as it seems that the last few days have blown by with less being accomplished than I had hoped. It's coming up on the holiday week of July 1st and July 4th. July 1st is Canada’s birthday and the 4th being the USA’s.

There is always lots to be done here on the ranch and I have quite a few fencing projects on the go. I won't bore y’all with the details but when you have stock and corrals etc. there is always something to do. But, this coming week the plan is to take some time off and head for the mountains. My brother and his family are coming up from Texas and we plan to celebrate Canada Day, the re-launch of the CCU Club, and of course The Fourth of July by getting out and doing some riding in the Kananaskis and Banff National Parks. Plus, it’ll be nice to reunite with my brother Mark over the horses and hills and I’m sure looking forward to it.

For the past few months, Shelby and I have been working hard on getting our new Cowboy Campus Club ready for our July 1st grand re-opening tomorrow! Check out our new platform that Shel put together, she’s been building out the new CCU Club for the past 8 months. She has a real eye for not only getting information out but making it visually appealing as well. I couldn’t be prouder of her and her talents. I couldn’t get that information out to you folks without her guidance. She really is the driving force behind all that's going on here at Cowboy Campus University.

We moved the club onto a brand new platform with the goal to make it the best horsemanship membership on the market, "the best in the west" you might say. The new club is full of features and makes the club fun and easy to use. I really do believe that the horsemanship information that we’re sharing is as well done and useful as any being offered out there. Also being a member of the club gets you so many bonuses, like the new book club and so many Western lifestyle series that we are creating for y’all.

We wanted to keep the club as fun as it was educational, and create a space for those who don’t yet have a horse, have retired from riding or want to take a break from Netflix and watch Western lifestyle content. So, we created three series you can enjoy. Tune into our Tack Talk, History & Horsemanship, and Western Wrap-Up series where I discuss gear and equipment, the history of cowboying and ranching, as well as all things Western lifestyle.

Another great feature exclusive to the CCU Club is my signature program, The Key Ranch College Training System that I personally developed from riding and studying with over a dozen incredible horsemen and women. This course, only found within the club, is a four-part program containing Freshman, Sophomore, Junior & Senior levels so that you can start from the very basics and build all the way up to the mastery level. This is the perfect program to take a new horse or a colt through and where I recommend everyone begins to make certain they have a solid horsemanship foundation.

Next, you’ll discover our Mini-Clinic section. Inside you’ll find over a dozen mini-clinics on topics such as trailer loading, roping, working cattle, trail riding, and more! This is the place to find content on a specific topic. Every month a new mini-clinic drops into the club, only for members. You can suggest the topic of the mini-clinic you’d like to see inside the members-only FB group.

But the best part is that in addition to all this great content, you can submit unlimited questions, inside the members-only Facebook group, every month so I can personally coach you over video! It’s like having your horse trainer in your pocket, and at a fraction of the price!

So take some time this holiday week, check out our new platform and see what’s going on with the CCU Club. Plus, remember to join up before the club closes for enrollment on July 8th at 11:59 PM.

Well, in saying that I better get back to my chores so I can take some time off and head to the mountains this weekend to celebrate our great country of Canada! Happy Canada Day y’all!

PS: y’all can use code CONNECTION to save 50% off of your first month of the club! My gift to you for making it to the bottom of another one of my articles ;)




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