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GIVEAWAY + Thank You For 10K On Instagram

First, we’d like to thank our community for their support! CCU is a small family-owned business and we appreciate your support in helping us to grow so much.

Okay, we’re ready to celebrate reaching 10K on Instagram…

To celebrate reaching this milestone we are giving away 10 FREE memberships to the Cowboy Campus Club!

Enrollment to the CCU Club is currently closed, so as of right now this is the only way to snag yourself an enrollment into the club…

Each CCU Club membership will be for one month, with full access to the club, our training video library and our membership community! You can think of the CCU Club as having Keith as your trainer and coach, from your phone!

There is no other horse training membership like the Cowboy Campus Club! The club is member-powered. You tell us in the members-only Facebook group what you’d like to work on and Keith will create videos on those subjects, for you! New content gets uploaded multiple times a month, and club members get first access to clinic participant slots!

No need to enter to win! We’re giving away enrolments to the first ten people to message us. If you’d like to snag one of these limited membership spots, message us now!

You can reach out to us to claim a spot by emailing us at , messaging us on FB or IG or by using the chatbox on

We'll see you in the club!



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