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Build & Solidify Your Horsemanship Foundation For Success! Here's How...

Are you ready to take the reins and master your horsemanship?

Proper, accurate, solid horsemanship is the foundation that your entire riding practice will be built on.

When you’re to take the next step towards horsemanship mastery you can join Keith in Course #1 - Introduction To Keith Stewart Horsemanship.

In Course #1 we teach the basics of horsemanship that you will then refine over time. In over 25 modules we’ll cover everything from proper bridling and saddling (yes, there is a correct way) all the way to soft feels, riding positions, and communicating effectively with your horse.

Once you’ve completed Course #1 you will have the tools you need to ride with confidence and build a solid foundation of horsemanship.

Right now, when you Enroll in Course #1 - Introduction To Keith Stewart Horsemanship you will also receive a BONUS coaching call with Keith, totally FREE, as one of the many bonuses we’re including in your enrolment right now!

We are excited to be running a promotion that we have never offered before.

We are currently offering 15 UPGRADED Course #1 Enrollments!

In these enrollments, you will receive

1️⃣ The full Course #1 curriculum

2️⃣ Access to the members-only Facebook group where Keith answers your questions

3️⃣ Five additional masterclasses, never before included in the Course #1 enrolment

- Introduction To Flag Work

- Mastering Trailer Loading

- Owning & Training Bison

- Getting Your Horse Good To Catch

- Introduction To The Hackamore

4️⃣ AND a 1 on 1 coaching call with Keith!

That's TWO incredible bonuses we have never offered before! This is our only program option that offers 1-on-1 coaching with Keith for him to get to know you and your horse and aid you in solving any issues, and becoming the best you can be in the saddle!

The Course #1 system will teach you everything you need to know to create a solid foundation in your horsemanship.

Again, we have never offered anything like this before!

If you’ve been thinking about enrolling in Course #1 this is the absolute best time to do that!

Work through the course content, ask Keith your questions in the members-only Facebook group, and at the end of the course use your coaching call with Keith to receive guidance and help with any of your horsemanship questions.

Only 15 of these special coaching and course packages are available, so go grab your spot while they last!

If 2022 is the year you’re committed to totally up-levelling your game in the saddle, then you can sign up for Course #1, and receive all these bonuses, at the link below!

Photos by Alex Callaghan



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