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What Will You Learn In Course #1 - Introduction To Keith Stewart Horsemanship?

Course #1 - Introduction To Keith Stewart Horsemanship has 25 modules! We cover so much in this course so that you can truly have a solid foundation on your horse. When your foundation is strong, the sky's the limit! When your foundation is cracked, shaky, and flawed issues will continuously arise as a result!

I always tell my clients, when your having issues with your horse, go back to the basics!

In Course #1 we cover

  • Haltering and grooming

  • Groundwork

  • Flag-work

  • Consistency

  • Proper saddling

  • Sensitizing and desensitizing

  • The Pre-Flight Check

  • Soft Feel & Riding Positioning

  • Backing Up

  • Life With Meaning

  • Hobbling

  • Proper Bridling

  • Preparing To Get On

  • The Riding Positions

  • Riding With Life

  • One-Rein Stop

  • Use Of Direct & Supporting Rein

  • Using a Mecate

  • Getting Your Horse Good To Bridle

  • Preparing The Horse For The Stop

  • Keeping Your Horse In The Box

  • The Suggest, Ask, Tell method

You can sign up for Course #1 - Introduction To Keith Stewart Horsemanship here -->



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