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What Is The CCU Club & Why Is It The BEST Club For You To Grow As a Horseman/woman

“What is the CCU Club & how is it different from other horsemanship membership sites?” 🤔

This is a good question! Let’s start with what the club is.

The CCU Club is Keith's guidance program, made accessible and affordable. The club is a large membership library of horsemanship, horse training, colt starting, groundwork (and much more) content. Plus, the members-only Facebook group where you can get help whenever needed! In the member's group, you can ask Keith your questions, and he’ll film you a video response which will then be uploaded into the video library. Need help finding a certain video or topic? Want to suggest content? Looking for recommendations or tips? Simply reach out inside the supportive member's group to hear back from Keith & our head of cowboy customer service - Shelby!

“How is the CCU Club different from other horsemanship membership sites?” 🤔

That’s a good question. Let’s dive in!

We built the CCU Club with your path to success, your growth and your horse's development in mind! That’s why our club goes over-and-aboard to help you not only gain the knowledge and tools but also to implement them!

We do that through…

1️⃣ Adding new videos multiple times a month so that you always have access to new fresh content to keep you engaged, on your game & reaching your goals!

2️⃣ Giving you access to Keith in the members-only FB group, so you can ask him your questions and receive video responses straight from the trainer. The club is like having Keith as your virtual horse trainer!

3️⃣ Providing guided support. No more trying to figure it out on your own, diagnosing your own problem and then hunting for the solution. In the club, you always have the ability to reach out with your quandary & receive guidance. Our club provides community support & Keith will guide you step by step!

4️⃣ In-depth masterclasses and deep-dives on specific topics so you can reach mastery level - not just skim the surface!

5️⃣ Interviews & training sessions with other trainers and experts in the industry so that you can learn from the best of the best - in all areas!

If you’re ready to reach your goals and see massive improvements in yourself and your horse, then be ready to enroll on October 1st!

You can join the waitlist here to be among the first notified when the club opens!



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