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My Guide To Shopping Impact Gel Pads

I discovered the Impact Gel woven saddle pads this past year and really like them. They cushion the horse well, sweat one right, and they’re not super thick. The wovens are my favourite because I love a good pattern. Plus, they’re beautiful, and I appreciate a beautiful pad under my gear. Here I'll show you my favourite Impact Gel pads and explain how to measure for yours.

My Recommendations

Let's start off with my absolute favourite. This pad is called the Sweet Treat Collection: Red Velvet Summer and it’s my go-to. I use this pad every single day.

Next is my favourite for sorrels. Who said that sorrels can't be flashy too!? I love that this pad brings out the copper penny tone in sorrels. This is the The Country Greats: Hank.

For those looking for something beautiful and subtle, I'd recommend the Wild West: J. Wayne.

It's a classic blue, red and taupe colour scheme.

Bright and fun for those looking for something classic that still has some uniqueness to it. Gone with the Wind Collection: Gale Force Wind

My Code

If you’re in the market for a saddle pad, they’re definitely my recommendation. My discount code will save you some of your hard-earned cash too. Use CowboyCampus20 at

How To Measure & Choose

To find the perfect fit measure the length of your saddle from front to back and add 3 to 4 inches for the correct saddle fit. You should have at least a 1 to 1.5-inch clearance in both the front and back of the saddle for proper fit. Whether you order felt or fleece is purely a matter of personal preference. Although the felt is generally much easier to clean, fleece does provide more grip (friction) for riders competing in contest classes, steer wrestling and roping.

-- KJS

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