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Important Update From Cowboy Campus!

We have made the decision to change the price of Course #1 - Introduction To Keith Stewart Horsemanship down to $199, permanently.

We are so, so overwhelmed by the support we have received in our new adventure. We have truly had our hats blown off by the success of Cowboy Campus.

We knew the Key Ranch clientele would love this course, but we didn’t anticipate the course to connect us with so many equestrians from all over the world! From Canada to Brazil, you guys have been so supportive, and we have appreciated that so much! The connections we have made with our course members have been the most exciting and rewarding part!

We have also heard the feedback from many of you that you would love to enroll in the Cowboy Campus course but due to these trying times aren’t able to.

We never intended for Cowboy Campus to be a product that wasn’t accessible to our entire following.

Horses are expensive enough, we want to give you the tools to uplevel your horsemanship without breaking the bank. We hate the idea that some of you want to get involved, and currently cannot. That’s not what Cowboy Campus is about.

Accessibility has always been at the forefront of the Cowboy Campus mission. Our goal has been from the beginning to make the tools available to you to empower you to transform your relationship with your horse.

Cowboy Campus is meant to be for all of you! And that’s why we have made the decision to put the course at a price point that will enable more of you to get involved!

Without purchasing the course you can still access our Youtube channel where I will continue to post free horsemanship content! We will also continue to do giveaways of the course when we reach new milestones!

Regardless of whether you ever purchase a course, my priority is still to give you the tools to improve your partnership with your horse!

You can enroll for Cowboy Campus Course #1 right here --> at its new price!


Keith & Shelby

Note from Shelby

If you have purchased the course at its former price, you are welcome to reach out and I’ll happily reimburse you the difference.



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