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Horse + man + [relation]ship = horsemanship.

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

After working with hundreds of horse owners and equestrians, I've realized most horse owners don't really understand the practice they are in.

What I mean by that is that the cutter thinks they are in the cutting sphere, the barrel racer thinks they are in the rodeo world, and the trail rider thinks they are in the pleasure-riding pursuit.

When in fact, they are not. Not entirely, at least.

As horsemen (and women) we are all in the horsemanship world. Primarily, our first priority should be the partnership and foundation that we have with our horses, in horsemanship.

You must become the leader of your herd of two in the most effective and eloquent way possible. I teach you how to do that in The Fundamental Horsemanship Course.

You run barrels. You show cutting horses. You rope calves. You ride beautiful trails.

This part of your riding, the discipline or pursuit you are in. Besides your love for horses, it likely is likely the reason you got started in this world, and it's easy to get wrapped up in this kind of thinking: “I'm a barrel racer, so I must spend my time perfecting my pattern.” or “I just ride for pleasure, so I don’t need to work so hard at horsemanship.”

The fact is, most of an equestrian's time should be spent on the real business that every rider is in - horsemanship.

Your goal might be to be the best barrel racer, but you also need the goal of being the best horse trainer, in the barrel racing world. Being a horse trainer is being a teacher. So find some value to bring to your horse and it gets real easy when what you’re teaching becomes their idea.

As an equestrian, horsemanship should be your number one priority - and you must act accordingly. This means spending the bulk of your time on bettering your relationship with your horse - or as I call it, collaborative horsemanship.

The better you get at communicating with your horse the better results you’ll get. That’s horsemanship - communicating with your horse. Horse + man + [relation]ship = horsemanship.

When your idea becomes the horse's idea, it’s totally life-changing. Your results will simply amaze you.

My course, The Fundamental Horsemanship Course - Mastering The Principles For a Solid Foundation (formerly called Course #1), is 25 lessons that I wish I had had when I was starting my horsemanship journey.

In this course are the principles that need to be mastered in order to create a connection based in leadership and a partnership you'll enjoy for years.

What you'll discover in this course is going to change everything for you, and especially the way you think about horsemanship and your horse.

Enroll at the link in my below and begin the journey to a solid, trustworthy horse, improved communication and a lasting partnership.

I'll see you in the members-only Facebook group, where I'll be replying to your questions and learning more about you, your horse and your goals!

Enroll in The Fundamental Horsemanship Course here -->

-- KJS



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