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Catching Up With Keith

We have been busy around here the last week, real busy!

Up here on the northern range we try to pack in so many things into the summer months it's ridiculous. From the beginning of June right up to the middle of September is go, go, go! We measure time around here in terms of pre-Stampede to post-Stampede. Stampede being the Calgary Stampede, the big summer celebration that has been going on for over 100 years.

Many sayings and words of advice relate to this event like “never cut your hay before Stampede.” That is because the Stampede is notorious for its severe weather, well at least for part of it. Often heavy rain and hail storms. Another saying I can remember the old timers saying was “never take off your long johns before Stampede then put them back on right after.” Long johns for you that don't know are long underwear worn in the winter months.

The Calgary Stampede was first held in 1912 as a celebration of the disappearing old west. It was well received back then and went on to become an annual event celebrating our western heritage. How long it lasts is anybody's guess as Calgary seems to be a city that wants to distance itself from its western heritage. But that's a topic for another time lol!

Back to us being busy, we just unrolled our new Cowboy Campus Club and there were many moving parts to take care of. Good thing Shelby is so organized and diligent about getting so many background things handled! It's been super humbling to see the great response to the new platform and it truly is a work of art! Thanks again, Shelby! You can enroll for the Cowboy Campus Club until 11:59 PM tomorrow Saturday the 8th at 11:59 PM MST. Use code CONNECTION to save 50% off your first month!

Take a tour of the Cowboy Campus Club here ^

My brother Mark and his family have come up from Texas this week to get out of the heat and to take some trips horseback into the Canadian Rockies, something we love to share with our friends and family. We've been keeping extra busy riding in the pasture, pens and back into the hills with the South Stews! It's been incredible to catch up with my brother and spend some time horseback together, like we grew up doing.

My brother Mark and I

During this time we have horses in training that have schedules to keep up with. As I have mentioned before, I help out at our Alberta High School Rodeo Cuttings and this year Joel Evans, a young roper, cutter and cowhorse competitor has qualified for the National High School Finals Rodeo in Gillette Wyoming. This is a huge event, with High School Rodeo kids coming from all over the USA, Canada and Australia to compete for national titles and scholarships. When Gillette hosts this event it becomes, population wise, the biggest city in Wyoming! So we will be heading down there next week to lend a hand and do some coaching. It's a trip we have made many times before, starting with my daughters both qualifying for the event. It's fun to go and when we are not busy with the rodeo we like to sneak off and take side trips to places of interest which there are many.

Joel and I at last years Calgary Stampede Cutting

So like I was saying, it's a busy time of year but I'm not “kicking” about it.

It brings to mind a story about a young cowboy complaining about the lack of sleep they were getting trail herding cattle. The boss said to him “What are you kicking about? You get to sleep all winter!”

Summer is busy but we sure do enjoy it!

PS: don't forget that you can only enroll for the Cowboy Campus Club until 11:59 PM tomorrow Saturday the 8th at 11:59 PM MST. Use code CONNECTION to save 50% off your first month!

Happy trails,

-- KJS

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