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Who is Course #1 For & What Is It All About!?

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Today let's chat about a question we get asked often!

“Who is Course #1 for, and what is it all about!?”

Course #1 - Introduction To Keith Stewart Horsemanship is a 25 module course that is available online, anywhere! In Course #1 Keith will teach you the fundamentals of his horsemanship principles! These are the keys to his horsemanship that Keith has been building for the past 50 years, and are the secret to his success with horses!

This course is for EVERYONE! One of the biggest mistakes you can make with your horse is skipping the foundation. Everything else you will do with your horse will come much easier when the fundamentals are in place!

“You can’t bypass the foundation if you want to build a house that lasts.” - Alexi Panos

In Course #1 you will learn all of the topics below, as well as receive access to Keith in the Cowboy Campus Inner Circle private Facebook group, where he will answer all of your questions regarding your horse, and the course!

In Course #1 You’ll Learn:

  • Haltering and grooming

  • Groundwork

  • Flag-work

  • Consistency

  • Proper saddling

  • Sensitizing and desensitizing

  • The Pre-Flight Check

  • Soft Feel & Riding Positioning

  • Backing Up

  • Life With Meaning

  • Hobbling

  • Proper Bridling

  • Preparing To Get On

  • The Riding Positions

  • Riding With Life

  • One-Rein Stop

  • Use Of Direct & Supporting Rein

  • Using a Mecate

  • Getting Your Horse Good To Bridle

  • Preparing The Horse For The Stop

  • Keeping Your Horse In The Box

  • The Suggest, Ask, Tell method

Change your relationship with your horse, and uplevel your horsemanship when you sign up for Course #1 -->

- Keith & Shelby

Photo by Alex Callaghan



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