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The Key To Any Successful Journey...

My youngest daughter, Shelby, and I took a little trip up north last week to see Jordan Peterson speak in Edmonton. The tickets were a thoughtful birthday gift from Shelby, which was perfect for us to do together as we’re both long-time and big fans of Peterson's no-BS approach to life.

We had a great trip up and back, seeing the greening up of the landscape as we cruised North to Edmonton. We covered many topics in our car-ride conversations. Life, business, clean eating, horses, belief systems, and more. Nothing like a good conversation to eat up the 4-hour drive from Longview to the event.

Peterson filled the Rogers Centre in downtown Edmonton twice and spoke to a full house of people, all excited and eager to glean wisdom from him. The energy in the arena was exciting and friendly, and we visited with our seatmates before the show started. A couple from Sylvan Lake who also had hit the highway to see him speak.

Of the many topics Peterson spoke on, one that really resonated with me was about people figuring out what they want to do with their lives and who they want to be as a person. The outline on this topic was very brief and to the point. Figure out what your goal is as vividly as you can and sketch it out in both your mind and then onto paper. Once your goal is clear, go after it with laser-like focus.

Now, he was talking to a very varied audience with a multitude of backgrounds and experiences, so his message would speak to as many different aspirations as there were attendees. But for me, it got me thinking about the message that we always forward here at Cowboy Campus. That message is that you can make great strides in your horsemanship goals if you set your goals and work diligently towards them. I believe that with the right tools and time, each and every one of you can achieve goals that once only seemed like far-fetched dreams.

"Work as hard as you possibly can on at least one thing and then see what happens" - Jordan B. Peterson

The key to any successful journey is to know your destination and work towards getting there with great tenacity. Our Cowboy Campus Club Group Coaching Program will provide you with the map to make your journey a more direct route, rather than turning down many back roads and wasting valuable time going in the wrong direction. (Sign up for the waitlist here. Gates open July 1st.)

Peterson, in his encouraging and thoughtful way, stressed that any goal was attainable if you worked very diligently towards it. We feel the same way here at Cowboy Campus, as we have seen this formula in action many times.

I think Shelby and I’s main takeaway from attending Dr. Petersons' Beyond Order event was that in these unsettling times, there are still plenty of people out there working towards making themselves and the world better, which is an honourable goal.

PS: so is making yourself and your horse better, LOL!

Until next time…


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